500mg 30ml Pure CBD Oil (THC Free) Tincture ,

This 500mg Pure CBD Oil Tincture has zero THC providing a moderate dose of the highest quality cannabidiol oil.  Formulated with 99% pure CBD isolate, this Pure CBD Oil Tincture can be added to food and beverages or straight under your tongue. However you decide to ingest it, you’ll feel this flavorless oil get to work quickly, delivering quick relief.

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Know your CBD products!

Our Pure CBD (THC Free) Tincture is 100% natural and consistently 3rd party lab-tested to ensure quality. Pure CBD tinctures contain the highest quality, hemp-derived CBD, and zero THC so you can get all of the benefits with none of the high. Tinctures are a unique and easily-absorbed substance, so you can feel relief faster.

  • Contains 500mg of cannabidiol for simple dosing
  • Pesticide-free
  • Non-GMO Industrial Hemp Oil
  • Extracted from mature stalks and stems of the hemp plant
  • Ingredients: Coconut MCT oil (Carrier Oil) and Anhydrous Hemp Oil

1 review for 500mg 30ml Pure CBD Oil (THC Free) Tincture

  1. Aurora

    I started taking one dropper full of this CBD oil with my coffee each morning, six days ago. I haven’t been able to sleep on my stomach for the last year because it hurts my neck after about ten minutes to have my head turned to the side, and lately, my knees have been hurting from inactivity when I’m at my desk for long stretches at work. Last night I passed out on my stomach and woke up four hours later with no pain at all, and my knees have stopped hurting entirely. I’m not taking anything else, or doing anything differently in my daily routine. I’m also stubbornly skeptic about basically everything, but I’m a believer in this stuff, for sure!

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